C25K – W5D2

This morning’s run was good. And simple to follow (8 minute run, 5 minute walk, 8 minute run). I can’t believe I’m now down to just 2 more interval runs.  I really didn’t slow down to much. I felt I kept a good pace. I’ll know for sure how my pacing has been this Wednesday when the programs calls for a 20 minute straight run. Knock on wood I’ve kept up the every other day routine. Fatigue and/or weather conditions have yet to hold me back. Technically this shortens the program from 9 weeks to 8 weeks. The morning runs too have proven to be very beneficial in maintaining this streak.

I mentioned before that I haven’t started to restrict calories for weight loss yet. I’ve been weighing in daily on Wii Fitness. I fluctuate so much from day to day (even though I weigh myself at the same time). Overall the trend line looks nice and downward (albeit slow). I might reconsider restricting calories drastically in favor of a more moderate approach. I still might do a week to week cyclical approach, but just not ever push it too far. I’m certain that restricting too much while working out can put a strain on the entire body and immune system. I’d rather lose weight slowly than get stricken with colds.



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