C25K – W4D3

Well I didn’t need an extra day’s rest, which I mentioned I might need in the last post. I’m happy that I’ve made it through 4 weeks of the program while sticking to running every other day. This speeds up the entire program. Last year I stuck to true weeks, and used 2 days rest each week.

I can’t believe I’m more than half way through the program already. Looking ahead, there are just 4 more interval days–the rest being straight runs. I look forward to switching android apps and going with CardioTrainer to really work on my pace, which at this point I can’t accurately judge (since I’m running the streets and I don’t have exact distances measured out).

Today’s run was good. Again I ran strong the first three intervals (3 mins, 5 mins, 3 mins). But I ran out of gas about half way through the last 5 minute run. This was better than the last 2 runs though. It was cooler this morning (I guess you can call 75+ cooler in comparison to other days this week), but it was more humid than it has been. I think I ran good despite the weather. Plus I didn’t have that “hurry up and end” feeling.

I’m also looking forward to the first straight 20 minute run (W5D3), which at this rate will come next Wednesday.

Running in the mornings has its pros and cons. There are many more pros, but I think a big con is not having the food energy in your body. Or course the pros is not having to wait to digest, getting the workout done (I keep thinking of the old Army commercials “we get more done by 6am than more people do all day”), and it helps with other things like not hitting snooze and getting to bed earlier.

I’ve been doing good with my Healthy Living Checklist. No real deviations there. I have put back some caffeine into the mix with some Green Tea two times a day (morning and dinner time). I mentioned that I might. I just have to leave it at this amount and not go back to consuming the amounts I was before going cold turkey. I don’t think caffeine is bad in moderates amounts–actually there are reported benefits. So I’ll be sticking to my Green Tea. It’s definitely helped to keep me from crashing early at night–but not too much to keep me from getting a good night’s sleep or messing with my entire day’s energy balance.

Also I mentioned in the last post that I’ve not been calorie restricting (just eating much better). Last year my weight loss was more dramatic, but it also ran me down (and I think got me a few colds due to the depressed immune system). I’ve been steadily losing, which I’m tracking on Wii Fitness Plus. I like the graphical progress chart Wii Fitness has. I dropped about 4 pounds so far. I actually have to resist temptation and stick to this longer-term plan. I don’t want any colds setting me back. Once I’m done with the program and am running at a nice casual pace, I’ll start reducing calories for more significant weight loss. I might even phase it in and out with some sort of periodization cycled approach (one week restrict, one week normal, etc). I’ll have to wait and see.



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