C25K – W4D2

I’m making real progress. Tonight’s run wasn’t perfect, but it was very productive. No distractions (thirst, heat, etc.).

I feel like my running form and stride has gotten better. I felt a lot more fluid. I went well over 1 lap during the 3 minute runs. I still didn’t quite make 2 laps in the 5 minutes. For day 3, I’m going to slow my pace a little during the 3 minute and speed up a bit for the 5 minute.

I should note that I’m playing a little Jedi mind trick and running on the outer lanes of the track, so in reality, I’m running further than I’m giving myself credit for. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m breaking a lot of rules and not being hard on myself. So instead feeling too much pressure to get to 2 laps in 5 minutes, I will find it easier to run a 5k–because it won’t be as far as I’ve been truly training for. Make sense? No? Well that’s because I have a whole new unconventional approach. I may write a book actually. I’m somewhat serious…



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