C25K – W4D1

Since this is the second time around with the program and blogging about it, it’s fun to see what my thoughts were at the same stage last year. Last year I was battling extreme heat and humidity during late July and August. It hasn’t been great weather wise this time, but starting up in June and running in the mornings seem to have kept the heat factor at bay. Today’s run was good. I slowed down a bit towards the end of the last 5 minute run, but that’s expected. I can’t really judge distance since I’m running the streets, but I think I’m covering the prescribed distance in the time intervals. If not, I’m coming close. The streets have been truly convenient, so I can’t see going to the track anytime soon. Fine-tuning my pace will have to wait until the interval parts of this program end in favor of one long run. Then I’ll switch from the C25K app to the CardioTrainer app, which uses GPS to track distance and pace.

Overall I’m happy with my progress this time around. I remember last year there were bouts during some of the runs where I contemplated ending early. This time I’m blowing right through.

I haven’t seen any significant weight loss yet. But that’s because I’ve not been calorie restricting. I’d rather have the energy and strength to progress through the program easily. Once I get to a comfortable 5k in 30 minutes groove, I’ll start restricting calories for weight loss. I’ve found trying to do all at once can be counter-productive. Last year I caught a few colds–probably from being too run down. I want to avoid that too!



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