C25K W2D3 and W3D1 – Morning Runs

I’ve accomplished something I thought I’d never be able to do. Morning runs right after waking up.

Finding time to run can be a challenge. I had been going at night, but the added difficulty of timing dinner right and getting my son to bed was beginning to get on my nerves and making it later and later. So Saturday, I took a “test drive” of what it would be like to run right after waking up.

It was ok. I think I lacked a little energy that I would have had if I had gone through a day (eating a few meals). But it wasn’t bad. The pros outweigh the cons.

This morning I tried it again on a work day. Same as the first–felt a little robbed of energy, especially towards the very end. But overall both were fairly easy runs.

I’m going to run in the mornings from now on. It feels good to get something out of the way so early in the day. And by the time I’m back, it’s a little earlier than I would have woken up anyway. I don’t mind the extra time in the morning.

This also helps me with another item on the “healthier lifestyle” checklist. Get to bed earlier. The night runs really got in the way of that. Now I’m going to make it a habit to get to bed earlier and at the same time each night.



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