C25K W2D1

In the last post I mentioned that I probably could have started on week 3 since the first week was so easy. Well tonight proved to be a reminder that it’s not that easy. It would have been a mistake for me to skip, so I’m glad I didn’t.

On the scale of things, it still wasn’t hard at all, just not as easy as I would have liked. Last year I got to my goal of an almost effortless 3 mile run in under 30 minutes. Tonight wasn’t effortless, although remembering back to this point last year, it’s a breeze in comparison. Not only have I maintained some of my fitness, but I remembered all of my learnings (adequate hydration, adequate rest, ample time to digest, running form, breathing, etc).

Also remembering back, although it’s been pretty hot and humid, it’s not as bad as it was last year during the beginning of this program in late July and early August.

Tonight there was a first. I went straight out jogging soon after getting home from work. I usually eat dinner and aim to get out by 9pm. This time I was out at 6:30 before eating. Maybe it’s my overcoming caffeine, but I didn’t have the usual energy lull when getting home from work. This worked out great because start to finish it takes me 30 minutes to leave and come back. I’ve grown to like running around my streets rather than the track (something I went back and forth with last year). One significant advantage is the time to hit the pavement is 0 as apposed to probably 10-15 minuets extra getting to and from the track. This extra time gives me more time to play with the kiddo and get him ready for bed.

The real reason I went out early was to beat the rain. But I might consider this time more going forward.



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