C25K W1D2 and 3

Got both workouts in over the weekend. I felt really good. I definitely didn’t lose much wind from my 6 month layoff. I really pushed the pace on the 60 second jogs. I could have probably started with week 3, but I’m just going to follow the program in full. Hopefully I can push myself harder in the early weeks to gain me some extra wind for the latter weeks.

The shin sleeves are working like a charm. No shin splints. I also switched back to my old sneakers, which are much more comfortable.

I can’t stress how much of a help the C25K for Android app is. I get easily distracted and frustrated the more I have to pay attention to things (stopwatch, etc) other than my jogging. The app lets you listen to music, and sounds bells each time it’s time to run or jog.

My caffeine withdrawal is over. It feels good to have more balanced energy throughout the day. Now I have to work on the diet a little more to start taking some pounds off.

Although I slacked off for 6 months, I really didn’t do anything too too unhealthy (especially based on today’s standards). I have been maintaining my vitamin d, multivitamin, and omega 3 fish oil supplementation.

I must must must buy winter gear this year and run throughout the winter. I was hesitant to lay down money and thought I’d take the workout indoors. That has failed me so many times that this time is the last. I’ll invest in winter gear to stay in shape all year round. I hope.



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