C25K – W1D1 – Like Deja Vu all over again

So it begins, again. After a successful run though the Couch to 5K running program last year, I got lazy over the winter, then procrastinated throughout spring (up until today). I gained a lot of my weight back (oh well), but I must have kept some of my wind because today’s workout was relatively easy.

I actually tried to start the program up a few week ago, but was stopped by raging shin splints. I’ve had minor cases before, but none like this time. My shins felt like they were ready to explode.

I went and got some calf sleeves. Man did they make a huge difference. I had no problems whatsoever in the shin/calf area tonight. I think I found the culprit. Besides the extra weight I’m carrying, I think the new sneakers I have are duds. They don’t feel right at all. My feet and ankles were hurting a little. Nothing serious. But I’ve never really had that before. Next time I’m breaking out my old trusty pair of sneaks. And see how they treat me.

Last year I started at the end of July and finished in November. Hopefully this year I can finish late September. Then really get to my goal of running sprints again. I’ve gotta get winter gear this year. I can’t maintain anything in the house. I can’t get motivated to do any working out inside the house at all.

I’m really happy to get this done tonight. I’m also 2 days into a semi-annual (hopefully permanent) break from coffee/caffeine. Withdrawal was getting the best of me today. I mustered all the strength I had and got myself out of the door on onto the workout.

I can’t wait for the next workout. Man I love this feeling.



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