C25K Now Complete

After bailing 2.5 miles into the last attempt, I finally finished up the last C25K run this morning. I went 3 miles in 31 minutes (10:20) pace. As the trend, I did the first mile in 9 minutes, the second in 10:27, and the last mile in 11:15. Again that dreaded incline at the 1 mile mark (which is also at the 2.3 mile mark) was killer for both the second and third splits.

I also did some sprinting on Sunday. I’ve decided though, to hold off on the sprinting for now and go back to alternating days of distance running. I’ve seen no improvement in pace over the last 2 weeks. I’ve also stalled in weight loss. Granted I slipped up on the diet a little (a few barbecues and leftovers from them), but I didn’t foresee a standstill. I want to keep more active, continue to lose weight, and continue to improve cardio fitness. I haven’t been feeling the rubbery leg feeling I got in some of the earlier runs, so I don’t see the sprinting as essential as I thought it had been.

I’m going to try to crack open and dust off my P90X videos and pop them in every other day too (on off run days) and do their cardio, yoga, plyometrics, abs, and stretching. I think I can up my activity level at this point. I won’t know until I try if it’s all too much.



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