C25K – I’m Done!

Well I’m done as far as the written program goes. I’m still going to try to get in 30 minute runs every other day until it’s too cold to run outside. I completed week 9 day 3 last night. I finished the program strong. I did a full 3 miles in 30:53. 10:18 per mile. My fastest pace yet. Very near my goal of 30 minutes or less.

I’ve also officially pushed back my “brick wall” moment. Previously it had been at about the 1.5 mile mark. The last 2 runs it’s been the 2.5-2.75 mile mark.

I still got a little pain in my side. That was the only distraction. It was a little over 50 degrees out. I debated whether or not to wear my Under Armour jacket. I ended up wearing it. It got a little hot towards the end of the run, but not too bad. I wore shorts this time, which made a big difference. I think I’ll be in shorts as long as I’m running outside.

I’m waiting on my P90X. I’m going to do mainly the cardio and stretching programs. I’ll alternate them in with runs until it’s too cold to run at all. Then it’ll be P90X all the time until the Spring. It’s kind of a good point to change up the routine a bit anyway. My weight loss has hit a little plateau. Plus I see cardio (jogging) as just one of the 3 exercise elements. The other two being resistance training (including interval) and flexibility.

Not that I’m writing, I’m debating to try to go all in with P90X (even for resistance) or do the 100 pushup, 200 situp, and 200 squat plans. I think I’ll like the guidance of the DVDs. I’ll have to give them a test run to seeā€¦ Although the pullup bar is an issue. hmmmmm



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