For my birthday I got a set of Bodylastics workout bands. I swore off gyms forever and figured these would be my way to keep the old muscles from wasting away any more.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m kind of going with a laid back approach to health and exercise. The C25K is a perfect fit. Cardio is my highest priority. Figuring if that is taken care of, a healthy weight is sure to follow (which it is I’m happy to report).

The days of wanting to be strong like an ox are over. I just want something simple I can whip out while watching TV. Plus I don’t have any room in my house for any free weights or exercise equipment.

I figured the Bodylastics are the next best thing.

They are ok. The seem high quality. I got a pretty good biceps workout in yesterday. The only problem, for me anyway, is a lot of the movements rely on having a door in a convenient place to attach the bands to. I have no door in any space conducive to working out. This means I’m severely limited with the number of movements. I can do biceps. Triceps. Some shoulders (but not shoulder press). But chest is out of the question. Back seems challenging too. Legs I’m not worried about, but I’m even limited there. The squat setup is not great.

I figure I can do good old fashioned push ups for chest. Biceps and triceps are covered. Shoulders I have to experiment with more. Legs I don’t really need. Back I’d like to hit, so I’ll have to figure something out.

We’ll see. I think they are good and they’ll fulfill my “better than nothing” training philosophy. I’ll post periodic “Bodylastic” updates.



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