Another Twitter Flip-Flop?

So I wrote that I gave up on Twitter, then wrote that I flip-flopped and am back on Twitter again. Now, I’m not so sure again. I have to trust my instincts here. Twitter is not THAT good.

The problem is that a lot of people can’t figure it out. And those who have, a lot of them aren’t genuine. Rather they are way too self-promotional. Way too forced in my opinion.

Or they write something bad about an company in hopes that the company will respond. Which they do. And which I feel opened up a can of worms.

The conversations are so all over the place it’s hard to follow or find anything REALLY interesting.

This is what I see:
“Earthquake in San Jose!”
“RT @earthquakereporter Earthquake in San Jose!”
“RT @earthquakereporter Earthquake in San Jose!”
This is what I don’t feel:
WOW, there must be an earthquake, I MUST re-tweat it for the greater good of mankind.

This is what I see:
Random person: “My @starbucks coffee was cold.”
Starbucks: “@randomperson Please tell the cashier and they will gladly give you a new one.”
This what I don’t feel:
I care about that. They shouldn’t have just asked the cashier instead of bitching publicly.

This is what I see:
onlinemarketer: “Check out my 101 ways to increase conversion: tinyurl.blah.”
onlinemarketerfan: “RT @onlinemarketer Check out my 101 ways to increase conversion: tinyurl.blah.”
onlinemarketer2: Check out my 102!!! ways to increase conversion: tinyblah.schmo
This is what I DO feel:
Great, more linkbait self-promotion.

People “get” Facebook. People “get” message boards. People “get” blogs. A lot of people I talk to don’t “get” Twitter at all. And I understand why.

I used to try to explain Twitter to people as part blog, part IM, and part message board. I had an epiphany this morning. You know what Twitter reminds me a LOT of? AOL chat rooms! Remember them? Where are they now? People got bored of them. The hype wore off.

It can be good for companies, bands, special groups, etc. But if and when it becomes widely adopted (which I don’t think will ever happen), it’ll become more of a spam fest than it already is.

That said, career wise I need to keep tabs on it. So I’ll be poking around until it dies.

Here is a funny little video about Twitter.

Twouble with Twitter
by tux-planet



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