5 pound fluctuation in a day (W2D3 of C25K)

I’m psyched at my progress on the C25K plan. I feel I’m running strong and efficient. I did battle pretty extreme heat and humidity on Saturday to complete week 2. The track was extra hot. It felt like a sauna. I took it easy and really paced myself during the runs. I ran at a slower pace than I did on day 2, but I had no trouble completing the entire day.

I felt a little thirsty throughout the run. I have to keep reminding myself to hydrate better throughout the day. I thought I had been, at least I have been more than I used to.

Also, I also need a headband. I hate distractions when jogging. Or to better put it, I’m easily distracted. I had sweat going into my eyes and burning. This combined with the thirsty feeling was on my mind too much during the run. Through all my years playing sports and exercising, I never remember sweat getting into my eyes and burning like it did Saturday. Now I’m going to don a headband.

I promised myself not to weigh myself too often. My overall goal is to lose a whopping 35 pounds. Or better yet, I have a target weight in mind. I really didn’t weigh myself to start. I think I know what I weighed. I know this probably goes against every single bit of advice out there and defies common sense, but there is a method to my madness (I think).

More important to weight loss is to take on a holistic healthier lifestyle. The weight loss will be a result, not the main focus. I did break out the scale on Saturday afternoon and was surprised (not really discouraged) at the reading (on the high side).

My wife reminded me of weight fluctuations throughout the day. Oh yeah! Funny how you know things, but need to be reminded. Anyway, when I do check in from now on, I’ll make sure to do it at a consistent time of day. Therefore, I did re-weigh myself Sunday morning, after breakfast and 2 very long trips to the bathroom (#1, not #2!), and there was a difference of 5 pounds from when I weighed myself the afternoon before. That’s quite the difference. And the weight I expected, which is well on my unscripted way.

More relieved with the re-weigh, I’m looking forward to day 1 of week 3 tonight. It’s going to be steaming hot again tonight. No pain, no gain, right?

Why am I not tracking everything like a madman? Personally I think to adopt healthier habits, the more naturally you go about it the better. I had tried logs before. I had been obsessive with the scale before. This time around, I’m on the casual plan. Do what I know is right. Avoid what is wrong. Don’t let it all run my life. And know everything will fall into place. The results will come, I have no doubt about it.



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