C25K – W4D1, no not again!

After another winter of inactivity, I’m back to doing the C25K program again. SIGH!!! At least this time, it’s been very easy so far. I’ve even skipped weeks and parts of weeks to advance to where I am now. I didn’t think I’d need to start this up again as I was up to 6 miles when I last ran in November. But 3+ months off set me back. I tried to go out for a quick 2 mile run and I was hit with a rude awakening. So rather than push it or get frustrated, I decided to go back and ease my way back in. I don’t think it’ll be too long before getting back to 3 miles.

I gained about 5-6 pounds back. Which believe it or not I’m thrilled with. That’s nothing compared to what I yo-yo’d with previous years. I’m still 34 pounds lighter than I was 3 years ago. 24 pounds lighter than I was 2 years ago. And 19 pounds lighter than I was a year ago. This year should be a piece of cake.

YoYo Graph!:

I didn’t really falter on my diet up until about a month ago. I was holding steady despite my physical inactivity. But sure enough I started to slip here and there. It’s amazing how easy it was to maintain, yet a few bad days stringed together threw me on a course that is hard now to correct. Luckily it didn’t get too bad. I’ve done worse…

I’m now deciding what a good goal is. Should I try to lose more weight, do more resistance training, both? Suddenly getting back to the most physically fit weight of my lifetime (“my playing days”) is very achievable.

I’m Using Google Drive and Dropbox Together

Rather than choose one over the other, I found a pretty cool way to use them together. It suites my needs and preferences perfectly.

What did I do? I put my local Google Drive folder IN my local Dropbox folder. So, things added to Google Drive (from web, phone, desktop, etc) are automatically synced to Dropbox too.

For now, everything in Google Drive is backed up in Dropbox, but not the other way around. I still have all of my videos, pictures, and music on Dropbox only as I paid for extra storage and don’t want to pay for extra Google Drive space too.

The way I’m visualizing it is Google Docs is for everyday things, new uploads, etc, where “Dropbox only” files are not frequently (or ever) edited files.

This solves several things for me.

  • I like having a double backup
  • I like things synced automatically. Very little setup.
  • I like multiple ways to access and interact with files.

My First Public Speech

I still haven’t abandoned my new year’s resolutions. But they did take a little turn, which I’ll get into in another post.

One resolution was to join, attend, and participate in Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a national organization with local clubs that meet regularly to provide a place for people to improve their public speaking in a supportive setting. The club I found is excellent. There is a range of well seasoned speakers to people like me who need a lot of work. The more seasoned speakers are there to provide advice and feedback to the newer members.

Yesterday was my first “icebreaker speech.” I think overall it went well. I’ll have to watch the video they took of it and see for myself. Although I put in a lot of preparation, I should have worked on the speech more over time, rather than fine-tuning it so close to speech time. I think the later additions and subtractions threw me off a little. And the changes I made came after I really started to rehearse. So the learning is to rehearse earlier on, and finalize the speech before the last day. Then rehearse the final version some more.

It’s funny they say that after a speech you’ll kick yourself for accidentally leaving things out. That happened to me. There were parts that I completely forgot to say that I think were important in tying the entire speech together better. This is all a learning experience… Again, I think the late changes threw me off a little.

I relied only on an outline. I didn’t get stuck or fumble, which is an accomplishment. I wasn’t too nervous either–which is another accomplishment. There was someone there counting “ums” and “ahs,” and I had my fair share. I’m completely ok with that for now. There are other areas I want to improve on first before really honing in on eliminating filler words. I was able to make pretty decent eye contact.

Besides improving public speaking and speech in general, I another important thing Toastmaster provides is a setting to purposely get out of my comfort zone. I touched on this a little on my End Scatterbrain site. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that purposely stepping out of your comfort zone does a lot to improve other seemingly unrelated areas of personal development.

Google Chrome is Slow and Crashing

I thought I was alone until I saw posts on G+, Twitter, Blogs, Google Help forums… The latest release seems to be a disaster. It’s been crashing both my home and work computers–not just the browser, but the whole computer. I’m not nerdy enough to find the exact reason why… What gets me mad is the glass house thing. As much as Google employees, PR efforts, and fanboys go on an on about it being faster and more stable than IE, the more aggravating it is when all that bragging turns hypocritical. I don’t even care if they fix it soon. I’d like to see some mud slung back at them.